Sex Tapes.


I read a synopsis of the story and since Cameron Diaz was featuring in it Ramesh and I decided to see it yesterday afternoon.

It is what my friend Chuck calls a popcorn movie. Not quite porn, not quite funny and not quite anything at all but entertaining in an inane way. Attempts at using comedy as a cover to overcome a weak story line fails and comes out as vulgar.

The excessive use of the four letter word is jarring and perhaps it is because I am from a generation from the distant past. Its use among adults is bad enough but the hero using it with a child to drive home a point is obnoxious. Again, I am just too old fashioned I guess.

The auditorium was unusually quarter full. I suspect that the largely male audience, though a few ladies were also present would appear to have come thinking that it was a pornographic movie and the disappointment was palpable.

I would rate it with a [rating=3] and therefore  avoidable if you have something else to see.

12 thoughts on “Sex Tapes.”

  1. a shame really. because i like cameron diaz. she’s a good actress.
    thank you for the review.
    have no desire to see it. i tend to be ‘old fashioned’ in the same way.
    i’m certainly no prude. but i’m sick of the trend of trashy talk.
    tammyj recently posted..white messenger

  2. I just read the synopsis on Wikipedia, and it sounds pretty far-fetched and idiotic. There must be wittier and more credible ways of exploring a couple’s waning interest in sex. After your lukewarm review I shall definitely avoid it!

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