She Mothers Me!

This is a photograph of me reading my kindle while Chutki blissfully is asleep on the floor next to me.

When my son and daughter in love are not at home, this is how she keeps an eye on me.  Chutki normally sleeps with them upstairs or on one of the sofa chairs in the drawing room but, when I am alone at home she will be as near to me as possible. If not on the floor like this, she will be on the divan just in front of the recliner chair on the left unfortunately not shown here.

Even when I am on my bed in the bedroom, she will sleep below the bed and every now and then come and poke her wet nose into my out flung hand to see if I move.

An animal behaviourist who had come home to visit some time ago said that this behaviour is because she believes that I am her pup and she just wants to ensure that I am okay!

Whether that is true or not, she is my companion when I am all alone at home.

I am blessed or what?

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