This is a true story and I vouch for its authenticity.

The background – I was shopping for dry fruits in the nearby supermarket, our version of say the Walmart. The aisle where I was unfortunately was a cul de sac and I was forced to witness this exchange. The young couple concerned are not known to me and I hope that they never have to be embarrassed by meeting me somewhere under different circumstances.

Husband (H): Why are you so unreasonable?
Wife (W): I am not. I have just changed my mind.
H: No need to change your mind. If you like it, you buy it. Here, I have brought it. (Throws a box of something into the shopping cart) I won’ have it that’s all.
W:Fine! If you won’t have it, I too will not. Here take it back and put it on the shelf. (Takes out the box and gives it to the man.)
H: See, this is what I mean when I said you are unreasonable. I don’t like it, you like it, and I have no objection to your having it. So, what is the problem?
Go ahead and buy it. (Chucks the box back into the cart.)
W: No, I don’t want it. Just keep it back. (She gives the box back to him.)
H: Look, all I said was that I didn’t like it. I didn’t say you should not buy it.
W: It is not what you said. It is how you said it.
H: What do you mean how I said it?
W: You made that funny face when you said it.
H: What do you mean, funny face?
W: You know, just like the face that your mother makes when she doesn’t like something that I have cooked.
H: What has my mother got to do with it?
W: Nothing, all I am saying is that you made a face like she does.
H:I don’t know what face she makes and in any case it is irrelevant to this matter.
W: No, it is relevant.
H: Just leave my mother out of it.
W: I never included her in it any way.
H: But you said she makes funny faces.
W: Look, I just said that you made ……..

Before she could complete that sentence, the husband, threw the box and a bunch of keys into the cart, and said
“I am going off. You do what you want. I don’t know when I will come home.”
He left the wife alone and stormed off.

The wife stood there staring after him and started cring. I came near her and said “Excuse me, I would like to go to the other side.” She moved the cart to one side to let me pass and started bawling.

What could I do? I scooted too.

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