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Indians are funny when it comes to shopping. I don’t mean that they are funny when it comes to day to day purchases made for the home like grocery, vegetables etc. I mean when they have to buy slow moving consumer items like white goods, clothes, jewelry etc. We have special auspicious days spread over the year to buy most of these things and so merchants have significant swings in their inventory/sales operations. We have a series of Black Fridays throughout the year.

This phenomenon cuts across all religions for clothes. Diwali for Hindus, Id for Muslims and Christmas for Christians. During these ‘seasons’, as they are called, advertising revenues also fluctuate and so we have an economy that is perpetually in a see saw motion.

Gold and jewelry have a special attraction too for seasonal buying. These were the days in the current year.
Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 7.09.55 PMFor the rest of the year, things are rather slow except during the wedding seasons, yes we have those too based on what astrologers advise, when cutting across all the religions, sales for clothes and jewelry boom again.

When it comes to buying vehicles, I suspect that a cabal of vehicle manufacturers have bribed all the astrologers in our country and they have spread the auspicious days more or less evenly over the year.

I personally do not indulge in shopping sprees.  My non essential purchases are restricted to books which I almost inevitably buy online.  I have a favourite online portal that keeps me completely satisfied. I however buy hard copies of books only when they are cheaper than Kindle editions.  Naturally, I buy the kindle books from Amazon.  I have not ventured into buying any Kindle competitor’s offereings.  Not yet.

No, despite being funny, Indians do not have an equivalent to the Black Friday. Our merchants have this uncanny ability to offer clearance sales after every seasonal peak and the seasoned buyer waits for these to be announced.


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  1. We live in the boondocks so do a lot of our shopping on line. And we don’t worry about sales. We buy things when we need them, except for books. I buy them when I want them, whether I need them or not. What greater luxury could there be?
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..More Roadwork

  2. Nothing gets in the way of free enterprise like tradition – watch the assault on same as businesses grow and thrive. We have “Blue laws” here in many places that serve to limit commerce for a myriad of reasons – though most often they seem to revolve around the sale of alcoholic beverages..
    shackman recently posted..LBC topic – Shopping/Shopping online

  3. My astrologer says today is not a good day for commenting so I should refrain. On the other hand, I can’t help observing that the most ludicrous shopping season of the year is Christmas, when everyone feels obliged to buy presents for everyone else, about half of which are instantly discarded or forgotten about by the recipients.
    nick recently posted..After-birth

  4. Interesting. Looks like I have been rather careless about my shopping.
    I was sorry not to find any indication in the post when it is a good time to buy a laptop. I am planning such purchase for the near future. Any astrological or other esoteric advice?
    I am only half joking.

  5. i just watched on the national news the other night that retailers are now filming us as we shop in their store. (no. not walmart! but no doubt in the near future… as this catches on). it seems another ridiculous invasion of privacy. it somehow uses your cell phone to track you and see what you look at and how long you stand at whatever display… and apparently the phone doesn’t even have to be on!
    it’s not a camera per se. it said how it does it but i can’t remember.
    are they that desperate to sell their STUFF? or are they doing it simply because they can? who knows.
    makes me not want to shop. but then i shop very little anyway!
    tammyj recently posted..a pontificating peanut break!

    1. Those CCTVs are supposed to identify shop lifters! Marketing tricks are getting to be subtler and subtler all the time. Better to simplify and not buy what is not needed. I know that you have started to practice that and I am inspired too.

  6. Gosh I shop so little and so infrequently apart from groceries. I actually find shopping very stressful with either hovering staff or complete inattention and stuff so hard to find. I mainly shop thrift stores or speciality places.
    And like you buy my books on line and must upload your kind re-app one of these days….
    wisewebwoman recently posted..The Hardest Battle is with Ourselves.

  7. I do shop both by visiting stores and online. If I drive eleven to fifteen miles, north, south, east or west of me I can combine my visits to a supermarket with a morning walk, followed by a coffee and then tackle the aisles refreshed to gather the items on my list that day.
    Grannymar recently posted..Shopping/Shopping online

  8. I have recently purchased some thing on-line which was sheer leisure and because I wondered if I could accomplish it. After the website discovered I was in NZ it converted the total to my currency; then it accepted me to buy it. I waited with bated breath at this end but the same amount was charged to my account here…it was fun, absolutely useless item to anyone but me!

    I buy my books from a local on-line company which I believe might well not have a full inventory here but rather get it from somewhere overseas but the charge doesn’t seem to be much more…

    I used to do my grocery shopping on-line but then suddenly there were stupid new rules about where it could be delivered to; plus other charges went up so dramatically. However, one of my best buys was inadvertently made during that time.

    I saw a special on 30 metres “gladwrap” and decided to get it…when it arrived I was stunned to find it was a huge box 300 metres! I rechecked my original order and noted that it was indeed a catering pack. Still using it …seems to be neverending 🙂
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..Bathroom saga

    1. I haven’t quite had anything as spectacular as getting a wholesale pack delivered to me, but I too pay in Rupees to Amazon USA and also use Amazon India. The link in my blog post is for a totally Indian portal in direct competition with Amazon.

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