Short Cuts.

A happy new year to all my readers.

On New Year’s eve, Ranjan and Manjiree went to dinner at a mall near our home where there is a book shop. Just as he was leaving, Ranjan asked if I wanted any book as a new year’s gift and I asked for The Order Of The Day by Eric Vuillard about which I had heard from a friend who is a history buff. Ranjan could not get it as it was not available at the book shop but, for some strange reason he chose this book by Phil Knight as a gift for me.

I am not much into autobiographies or books on Management and was a bit sceptical about the contents but, on beginning to read the book, I found it gripping and unputdownable.

It is a remarkable story and more remarkable for its ability to keep the reader involved and wanting to move on. There are platitudes but they do not interfere with the narrative and the story keeps moving at a break neck speed.

The writer is just five years older than I am and many of the things that he writes about his younger days are places, events and things that I remember from my younger days. That perhaps is a reason for my fascination with the story.

All in all a great book to read about a remarkable journey of a ‘my generation’ entrepreneur.

And, as it so often happens in my life, I came across this photograph just as I was about to finish reading the book. No, at least in the book, there are no short cuts to success.

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