Shut Down.

Cheerful Monk had this post on the US Government’s shut down.

I had commented there as follows:

“Our Central Government, the equivalent of your Federal Government has been shut down for the past four years. We have managed very well without their governance! We call it Ram Bharosey meaning Trust in Lord Ram.”

We have some intrepid souls in India who express our ideas much better graphically.

1374764_570433756327544_1908387434_nFinally, the electorate of three States and one Union Territory decided that they had had enough of a non performing political party and showed them the door.  The most significant send off was in the Union Territory Delhi where the showing was pathetic.  The saving grace was one state in our North East, which returned the Indian National Congress to power but that went almost unnoticed.

Now our own GOP has finally started to be decisive in its own way by testing the waters as it were by indirectly announcing that one more Nehru/Gandhi scion will lead the party in the general elections next year.

I have no doubts in my mind at least, and I am joined by many other well wishing Indians that the INC will finally shut down after that.

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