Shutdown Effect.

Since the shutdown due to the current Corona pandemic, traffic in my WhatsApp has increased so much that I have to recharge my cellphone twice a day. Most of the content is not worth writing about but two clips today made things very interesting indeed.

The first one that I received in the morning from my friend Anil, was this one of a deer having fun on a beach in Goa.
The deer has obviously come down from the woods adjoining the beach in some part of Goa.

Here is another forward received from another friend from Mumbai of Peacocks and peahens appearing suddenly in out most crowded city, Mumbai.

What an impact the shutdown has had in our wildlife!

The next one came from another friend in Mumbai that is very interesting indeed. Some remarkable skullduggery in the form of optical illusion helping our friends from the Marketing field.

6 thoughts on “Shutdown Effect.”

  1. Talking of animals in strange places, you may also have read about the herd of wild goats that appeared in Llandudno in North Wales. They have been eating people’s flowers and hedges and generally causing the locals much amusement.

  2. This is how I can tell you’ve become more technologically proficient than I have. I’ve never been on WhatsApp; for that matter I’ve never even seen it! I’ve never been on or seen FaceTime, Tik Tok or whatever Facebook’s service is called. Glad you’ve found things to keep you going during this interestingly titled pandemic. Stay safe!

    1. I am blessed with two geeks, my son and daughter in love, at home who keep me clued in Mitch. Thank you for your wishes and my best wishes that you and your family stay safe too.

    1. Even just in three weeks some remarkable changes have taken place in our ozone, smog river water purity etc and wild life has returned to areas from where they had disappeared long ago.

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