For some strange reason, my sister posted this on Facebook.

And she added as comments: “Yes…in our family…though mind you…he did sow some pretty wild oats in his heyday. Today, he is a sanyasi and we in the family and a host of other people from all walks of life admire and count upon him as their mentor…to my mother Anusuya’s first born Ramana Rajgopaul. And coming to the tail of this tale…the youngest are spoilt, stubborn and opinionated…ask me…I should know myself, right!”

Not being a modest fellow, I could not agree more. The image however should be reversed in our case, the eldest is a male, me and the youngest is a female, my sister. In between there were two males, one of them sadly no more. Now you can understand her comments about the youngest.

I would like to add this image to conclude this narration.

The truth of the matter however is that they stopped because finally they got the daughter they wanted. I used to tease my late younger brother that had he been a daughter, we would have been just two!  It however turned that the last one also turned out to be the perfect child.

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  1. “The oldest sibling is usually the most well behaved”. Ha, not so in my case. My sister, who’s two years younger, has always been the best behaved, while I was a bit of a tearaway as a teenager and argued with my father about virtually everything. As I continued to do until such time as he decided he’d had enough of me and broke off contact.

  2. I hate to think what my life would be like without my only brother in it!
    I value him as a brother and also as my best friend.
    what you’ve written about Padmini is just beautiful!
    and what she wrote about you is wonderful too. xo

  3. Oh, how cute and interesting on how traditions unfold.

    I’m the baby of my family but one that was to become that “special baby” the one where no one expected the late 40s Mother and the early 50s Father to have another child. There is only me and the oldest left now, the other two between have gone including the one who was 15 when I arrived in April 1951!

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