A friend aware that I like to watch unusual movies, loaned me a DVD of Sicario.

To call it an unusual movie is an understatement. It is so unusual that it makes it difficult to believe that such things can happen. I suppose that action films do generate some disbelief but this one carries a story that is incredible for its sheer chutzpah.

To start with it defies belief that so many American government departments come together to carry out illegal activities to somehow hurt the drug cartels. It also defies belief that the same group of government employees use freelancing hit men. The word sicario incidentally, means hit man!

Having got all that out of my system, let me however assure my readers that I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie, story believable or not. It moves fast as action films are meant to and there are twists and turns in it to keep one glued to one’s seat. And since I saw it at home, it was a very comfortable way to watch it as well!

The film is carried on the very broad shoulders of Benicio Del Toro and for adding some glamour, Emily Blunt is offered on a platter.  Her not being there however, would not have made much of a difference to the tale though some minor adjustments would have been needed to the narrative. The others come in on more or less cameo roles and offer professional performances. Excellent photography and direction makes viewing an enjoyable experience.

If you are fond of seeing action movies this is one which can be called a popcorn movie as Shackman calls the genre of what I call, time-pass movies.

8 thoughts on “Sicario.”

  1. I cannot tell you how many times I skipped over this movie while flipping through my on-demand cable options. So – after reading your review I queued it up and watched it.

    I am not a huge DelToro fan but he was good in this one. Blunt’s primary purpose is to provide a moral compass to counter the things you mentioned in your review. I did not find the leap of faith required to imagine lawlessness in American agencies because of our history – remember Iran Contra? The illegal gun sales (aka Fast an Furious)that plagued the Obama administration in the war on drugs?

    I give the movie 3 bags of popcorn out of a possible 5.
    shackman recently posted..Consumerism LBC 02/17/2017

  2. I have had the movie on a DVD for a year (along with about 50 other movies) but have not got round to watching it, despite it being considered one of the best movies of the year. Will watch it sometime. If I could have attached an image here, I’d have attached the poster of the film with all its accolades.

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