This handsome young man is my grand nephew Vedesh.
Vedesh 2

He posted this poster on his facebook wall:

small talk

I left a comment: – “I prefer silence. From the audience that is. Who would not like a captive audience to listen without responding?”

I then discovered this scene in Matheran.

I have been there and done that there. I have been at the speaker’s end as well as the captive audience. Highly elevating experience I can assure you, but what one really likes to do there is  to be in perfect silence.  And in that silence, the mountains and valleys speak to us.

25 thoughts on “Silence!”

  1. Good for you, Vedesh. Ramana, your gn is already fascinating. such topics give energy to survive a world like ours. the depth of silence will come later. I’d love to hear his take on our flbc topics.

  2. “I like people with depth, who speak with emotion from a twisted mind”. Me too. They’re fascinating.

    Too little thoughtful silence, too much vacuous prattle. That’s the characteristic of our age unfortunately.
    nick recently posted..Seriously scary

  3. he’s beautiful rummy.
    and he has your genes.
    perhaps he is wise beyond his years.
    and the picture . . . and the silence . . .
    beauty and soul reaching.
    beyond words.
    tammy j recently posted..sick of it

    1. He comes from a stock which is one that I admire a great deal. His grandparents are among my friends from childhood and his mother has been a favourite niece for me for decades. His father is a remarkable young man too and so, yes, excellent pedigree.

  4. I was under the impression that people who talk about all those things do so because they are avoiding exposing their lack of “depth”. Which is why I like most of those topics and more.
    Looney recently posted..Getting Lectured

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