Shackman, whose judgement I value greatly, asked me if I had seen Silverado while commenting on my post The Magnificent Seven. I had not and responded with “No, I never saw Silverado. I shall do so soon and write about it.”

I had not because the film was released in 1985. That was the time that I was burning both ends of the candle in my career and had little time for movies.

With some difficulty, I was able to see a poor version on youtube as DVDs are not available for this film. I subsequently saw many clips from the film also on youtube to relish better resolution,

I think that this film must rank among the best ever made in the “Western” genre. In many ways, it is better than the original The Magnificent Seven. The cinematography is simply far superior because this film was made 25 years after the TMS!

I would dearly like to see a decent version via DVD and shall keep looking for opportunity to do so.  If any of my readers can help, I shall be grateful.  I shall take care of the logistics of shipping it to me in India.

Thank you Shackman.

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