Simple Pleasures Of Life.

On the 3rd inst. Pune newspapers had an interesting article about one of India’s corporate icons Narayana Murthy.

As my readers know, I am a great fan of the autorickshaw and use it frequently. I can quite understand the nostalgia that Mr. Narayana Murthy must have experienced. The newspaper report also says a great deal about the man and his simplicity.

Just about the same time as NRNM was using the autorickshaw, I was attending the Pune International Literary Festival to attend a reading session of a book recently published by a friend. The photo given below shows me with some other friends.  The author is the only one in the jacket.
Pune litfest

One in particular, the guy smack dab in the middle, Abhaya sensed that I was hungry and suggested that we go and have some Bhel. Abhaya is another tycoon with a very colourful background and him suggesting bhel as an evening snack appealed to me for its very simplicity.  While entering the fair, Abhaya had seen a bhel stall an entrepreneur had set up in the grounds.  So, as soon as the reading was over and we had done the post reading chit chat, we went for the bhel and some coffee.  It had been over four years since I had had some bhel, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and also decided to have it more often.

Thank you Abhaya.

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