My niece in law Ranjani has made me an offer that I could not refuse to accept.

She has agreed to use the walls of her lovely home/s in Chennai to hang some of the wooden carvings that have adorned our home for the past many decades and which now need to find new homes in the process of my simplifying my life.

Many decorative frame wooden pieces have already been given away by my son Ranjan to another enthusiastic antique collector and only these five pieces were left to be given away.


The large frame in the background is a panel depicting Dashavatara, the two rather tall lean carvings are tribal art form from the jungles of Central India, the carving of a bird image is of Hamsa and the last piece to the front right corner is one of Ganesha.

These five pieces will leave our home later this evening to be packed and despatched by road transport to Chennai.

I hope to see them livening up Ranjani’s home when I visit later this month.

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