I saw Simran primarily because Kangana Ranaut acted in it.

The Wiki post gives details about the movie and all that I wish to say is that Kangana did not disappoint as an actress, but there was nothing else to write about. A very poor story line and exaggerated role playing by the other members of the cast left me rather regretting having gone to see the film

That is why I did not review the film immediately after I saw it as I normally would have but, I am writing this post because of another story that I came across yesterday.

Simran’s father in the movie does not abet her in her bank heists but the character nonchalantly robs banks just as the lady in the press report does! What chutzpa!

Poor father/s! In the film, Simran is visited in prison by her parents where her father loses his cool because she comes up with another crazy idea post release from prison. Portraying a serious character flaw that during the narrative she mentions a couple of times to her beau!

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