A friend sent this clip to me with much enthusiasm hoping that this advice will keep me amongst his gang for some more time,

I responded to him with “The problem is that I can’t sing anymore. I croak like a frog.”

In his inevitable style he came back with “24/7 News Channel Reports Breaking News. There are many formats of singing like Qawwwalis, Classical, Jazz, Pop etc. Mr. RR has now introduced Croak Singing which is getting to be very popular in Western India.”

8 thoughts on “Singing.”

  1. I have never enjoyed singing, it hurts my vocal cords! I’m always saying that I only sing “solo”, so low no one else can hear me singing. My sister-in-law loves to sing as well as her youngest son. Hope you have a good day!

    1. I have sung professionally and on amateur stage. My current voice a sonorous baritone as our mutual friend Conrad calls it, was not always so. A nephew had even named me a Juke Box because it did not take too much to get me to sing!

  2. Much to be said for singing, but seem to have stopped doing much more than humming along these days. What skill I might have once had has degenerated a bit as I’ve aged, I think. Maybe I didn’t keep my vocal cords in shape for other than just talking. Wonder if it’s possible to rejuvenate them?
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  3. I love to listen to singing but can not carry a tune. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to have a soaring soprano voice like the young Joan Baez. I do sing at home when no one is around, does that count? My dog does not object, ha ha.

    1. As long as one can sing to enjoy oneself rather than worry about sounding good to others, I think the purpose will be served. And if the dog does not object and does even join in, what better audience can one have?

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