Sisters Make People Happy.

I have just read an interesting article that needs to be shared with all my readers.

As most of you know, I am blessed with one sister and two brothers. All younger and the youngest being the sister, Padmini, who every now and then either drops in here and comments, or submits a guest post.

I quote from the article – “Sisters spread happiness while brothers breed distress, experts believe.”

While I have no doubt that the first part of the statement is indeed very true, Conrad is likely to take objection to the second half of the statement, though I suppose that the best way to handle that issue is to let Viki let us have her expert opinion.

Similarly, I shall leave it to Padmini to resolve the issue about our family. Who knows, some dark secrets may get flushed out of the system here! I suppose that like most of us, I too have a convenient memory! The fact is that, I have indeed caused distress of various intensities at various times within our family. I cannot however remember any occasion when Padmini had. Since, the three brothers have not really been together in the same geographical location for decades now, I cannot think of any distress that the other two brothers caused either.

Are there brother/sister combinations out there, who would like to throw their hats in the ring? Please feel free to. It is the silly season. Or is it already over and done with?

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