Skill Development.

Cheerful Monk has a rather intriguing blog post with the same title as this one and I urge my readers to read it in full.

As she always does, CM asks this question at the end of the post.
“Do you agree with James at all? Do you ever think in terms of skill development?”

I could not resist the temptation to be a little facetious and responded – “What is skill development? I have got two left hands and two right legs. I have a sound box that faithfully echoes a frog.”

And came the totally unexpected googly as we would call it in cricketeese or the curve ball as the Americans would call it in baseballeese from Ursula. This is of course to thank her for coming to my rescue like a knightess, (is that the word or is it baroness?) in shining armour riding a white horse with these comments.

“Don’t make me laugh, Ramana. Stop it right now. Two left hands, two right feet? Think about it. If you were left handed (which, admittedly, I don’t believe you are) you’d be laughing. Two for the price of one. Productivity going through the roof.

Feet don’t care whether they are left or right. The poor sausages and their intricate network of fine bones are occupied enough to carry us and our body weight through life without going all philosophical. In fact, I sometimes think feet (and mine don’t even hurt) must be looking forward to finally being put up (to rest).

On this cheerful note,


Okay. I will give you something to really laugh about Ursula. In my misspent youth I did go through a period of intense training to develop mathematical skills. So, here is something that I will give you as a skill that I developed. Learning useless information and sharing it with others to impress them with my skills and or knowledge.

6 and 28 are the only perfect numbers before one reaches three digits (100). It is so because they are equal to the sum of their factors. 6 is divisible by 1,2 and 3 and 1+2+3 = 6; and 28 is divisible by 14,7,4,2 and 1 and 14+7+4+2+1 = 28. You will have to do a lot of summing before you hit the next perfect number 496.

Have I impressed you Ursula?

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  1. I have two daughters who are left handed. I am not left handed and neither is my children’s father and to the best of our knowledge, no one in either of our families is either. Now as to perfect numbers – I’ve always been somewhat partial to 28 myself, although I like 6 too, for various reasons.
    Maria recently posted..Another Mashup/Catchup – LBC Post

  2. My dear dear Ramana, no need to impress me further. Your natural flair has gone before you.

    Apropos of nothing and despite its bad reputation – there is something perfect about Zero. Think about it: “O”. Mind you, in the motherland, if someone calls you eine Null (a Zero) it’s not exactly flattering. What you amount to is just that: Nothing. Or, as I’d say: It’s a starting point.

    Here is one for the late flowering mathematician in you, Ramana. To be impressed. As was I. The Angel’s estimated date of birth was early October. By mid August my obstetrician gave me the unhappy news that the placenta was largely blocking EXIT. So I was noted down for a Caesarean in September. Let’s leave aside that I was livid and said there and then that I don’t care how my child is born but I want to be AWAKE to greet him at his arrival. So no complete anesthetic for me. My sister thought me mad. And she is not squeamish. Anyway back to maths, the hospital booked me in for 19 9 1991. Which makes it a Palindrome, the date reading the same backward. Clever, don’t you think? So cute. That was just about the only comfort to sweeten the prospect of a section.

    As it happened (and to finish the story on its happy end) the placenta did have manners and moved out of the way in the nick of time. Thus the Angel emerged – the natural way – on 27 September 1991. And you can divide 27 by 3 and come up with nine and 27 by 9 and come up with three. Not that this is of the slightest interest to him. Though he does have a mathematician’s head. You know the kind – the ones who figure everything out naturally and then resort to writing a poem about it all.

    Hugs, Ramana, no noughts,

    Ursula recently posted..An ugly glimpse into the darker recesses of my soul

    1. In India, the opposite of hero is zero. So, it might surprise you to know that I have often been called a zero for my inability or unwillingness to be a hero!

      And hugs to you too.

  3. holy horse dooky!
    just as i think i am getting to know you… a whole new facet comes up!
    at first i thought to equate it to peeling an onion.
    but in light of your demeanor and esteemed place in the home…
    just ask chutki …
    i am thinking you’re more like a diamond. rich treasures abide and are somehow hidden until under a particular light!
    how’s that for horse dooky? LOLOL.
    but NO! it’s TRUE. you just keep on amazing.
    and since i’m a 3rd grade level mathematician… as in 8 years old …
    well. you can imagine my awe. 🙂
    tammy j recently posted..quiet as a mouse

    1. That is great for a horse dooky, whatever that means!
      Many of the skills that I possess were really thrust on me by circumstances Tammy. Usually due to die or do situations. So, if you peel the onion to its ultimate end, you will find me – a nice big zero!

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