Skip And Gail.

After Gail came out of the closet, she has been very active on the blog circuit. Recently, there was one particular exchange in my earlier post on her coming out of the closet, between her, me and Skip, a first time commentator on my posts.

It went like this:

Skip: How can people let themselves get like that?

Me: Please see my forthcoming post on Pregnant ladies and Pregnant looking men.

Gail: Hey Skip, don’t talk. Let’s see a picture of your ‘beer belly”! Men always want their women to stay at 36-24-36, but men don’t respect their spouses,girlfriends, whatever— to control their own weight. Where’s Conrad’s whine bar, this pisses me off about men!
Sorry Skip, now go out and have a great day, as I go back to my Chocolates.XXX

Now we cannot keep Skip waiting for long can we?

pregnant ladies

Thank you Diane. And a big Namaste.

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