We had a heavy downpour of rain for almost five hours yesterday afternoon. Coming after a dry spell it was very welcome and I quite enjoyed watching it fall in our garden for some time.

Later after it cleared, Ranjan took Koko to the grounds for her evening exercise and took this photograph of the late evening sky.

After a little while, Manjiree went into the garden and found the skyscape attractive and took this snap.

I haven’t seen such skyscapes during the last many monsoons, possibly due to the pollution and one of the collateral benefits of the lockdowns has been such clear air over our city!

11 thoughts on “Skyscape.”

  1. I didnt realised it raining so much yesterday. But yes, the evening sky was beautiful.

    1. I think that the monsoon has decided to play catch up. As I write this, it has been raining quite heavily and looks like it would continue to for quite some time. I doubt very much that we will see the evening sky today.

  2. Very beautiful sky view. I wanted to have a look at Koko but is missing .
    Now after all my years in flats (except Jaipur for 3 years), now living in a Villa with our own little garden, lawn and flowers, it has been raining here every time Kerala gets monsoon rains. Watching rains day time as well as early night time from our veranda, it is very soothing. Just to keep windy rains do not splash the veranda, I have put a canopy on the front and sides.
    Being in a village, after rains, particularly early nights, lots of insects swarm our net doors and windows. Sometimes it is in such large quantity , we have to switch off most of our lights indoors as well and draw the curtains. Watching water front, sea waves and rains are always fascinating. Lots of Love to Ranjan, Manjisri , Koko and you

    1. Thanks for commenting. I can relate to your joy living as you do in Coimbatore with which I am quite familiar. Have sent you photographs of Koko and Chutki separately by WhatsApp.

  3. oh my!
    just imagining the sound of it reading this… and picturing…
    and then the delight of the sky captured by both of your children!
    thank you Rummy. this is a little summer gift! xo

  4. just found this post in my Sunday tidy up email space…

    interesting how the sky is that colour possible links to the lockdown…it’s interesting what is on our radar regularly because we know no different.

    yesterday when I was away from the ‘hood – I was reminded how the roads now jam packed with cars whereas during our restrictive lock down, they were few and far between. Not that I went to the city, but from photos on f/b/Instagram of empty city thoroughfares…by friends who live in apts in the city.
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Making crooked edges!

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