Slippery Ice.

Mike has a post up in his blog with a lady walking on slippery ice. it is a beautiful image.

That brought to mind a video that I saw recently which should amuse Mike and my other readers. I wish that I could understand Japanese but even without being able to I enjoyed the show. I hope you do too.


15 thoughts on “Slippery Ice.”

  1. I saw that video of the game show too! I don’t even recall now how I came across it. but I couldn’t stop watching it! you would think their bare feet and hands would be freezing. they just kept on trying.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  2. Hard to imagine anything more frustrating than trying to climb a virtually un-climbable staircase! They must be gluttons for punishment. Did they get paid for their exertions, I wonder?

      1. I too have “specialised in falls” usually when my ankles gave one on a dip in the ground, a lip on a path etc – not so bad of recent years but still not the toes of all shoes a bit munted….

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