Small Joys Of Life.

“Many people lose small joys, in hope for the big happiness.”
– Pearl S Buck.

My friend Sandeep is currently away from Pune at Canada and is about to leave for the Middle East on assignment. He has posted a blog about what has happened in his terrace garden in his blog with a photograph that captures the essence of the garden. Please do visit.

When I read that post, I could not help thinking about my own little patch of green where sparrows have nested and are quite friendly with us. I have left a comment to that effect in Sandeep’s blog and would rather not repeat it here.

The point is that, this post and my spontaneous comment brought to my attention that it is the small joys of life that seem to occupy me rather than any big earth shaking happinesses. A series of such small joys including a instant messaging chat with Sandeep, Sundar, sitting in the verandah and watching the birds and flowers, drinking a cup of hot tea while it is raining, enjoying a bit of golden oldies music on the satellite radio and the list is endless.

I am quite comfortable in such pursuits and do not particularly miss going out and ‘doing’ things. A couple of my friends however think that either I am bonkers or am reaching for a spiritual high! In either case, I am considered to be just an oddity among a whole lot of people of around my age, who seem to think that motion is joy.

I do not mind being thought of as such. I do however mind when someone takes it up on himself or herself to change things and try and persuade me to join in some escapade or the other. I have now a great excuse of my father living with me and so use that an excuse not to join in. I think that it is frivolous and not necessary to be forever in motion to enjoy life.

Perhaps it is just senility creeping in. What do you think?

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