Small Pleasures.

I experienced a very painful attack of food poisoning early last week and the cure which included some strong antibiotics, was worse for its side effects. While the pain disappeared, the unease and listlessness lasted well into the weekend but, the worst of it all was my inability to sleep like I am used to.

Anyway, after the major side effects wore off I decided to go for a hair cut and a head massage with my usual barber.

The head massage should have made me sleep well but, it did not.

So, yesterday, after almost after a year, I went for a pedicure and foot massage and that did the trick.

I slept very well last night.

Three instances of small pleasures.

Another of the small pleasures was my having overslept. I woke up this morning, two hours after my normal time and found myself totally refreshed and amazed at having over slept.

The best of the small pleasures however was that after over a couple of decades, I did not have to make my morning mug of tea and had the pleasure of getting one delivered by my daughter in love.   She had woken up at her usual time, and having seen me oversleeping, let me do so and waited for me to wake up to give me tea.

I wonder if there is a moral there somewhere in that story!

14 thoughts on “Small Pleasures.”

  1. Sorry to hear of your food poisoning and the side effects. I hope you are well past that now.

    We made it out last week for an appointment with Karen’s specialist in Little Rock, did a little shopping and ate in a restaurant for the first time in almost a year. Who would have imagined?

    Right now we’re stuck at home because of snow and extremely cold, for here, temperatures, but given the last years, staying home is the norm and not so much of a bother.

    Keep warm!
    Mike recently posted..Bent’s Fort

  2. your daughter in love is exactly that!
    how utterly thoughtful and full of love was her small act of kindness.
    you are indeed in good hands Sean. xoxo

  3. Good to hear you are mending or mended…and that small pleasures are in order and one of which worked miracles…

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