Small Pleasures.

A few days ago, one of the crossword puzzles that I was solving had this clue – “Tea and ——-“.

It took me a while to figure out the solution as I tried English habits like scones, sandwiches etc before I struck gold and made it “Tea and Biscuits”

This one little event that morning took me on a long nostalgia trip to my field selling days when, customers would insist on getting tea and biscuits for me. It was not unusual for me to end up having perhaps around eight to ten cups of tea and around twenty biscuits during a day in the field. Youth took care of digestion problems but the memory took me to this particular brand of biscuits that somehow seemed to be the only one on offer everywhere.

It has been many years since I had the pleasure of having tea with Parle G biscuits and so I decided to try that combination again and requested my son Ranjan to get some Parle G biscuits and,  he very generously got half a dozen packets. Since then, I have been revisiting the good old days every afternoon with my tea. Every time I do so, many forgotten memories come rushing back of people and places.

Do you dip biscuits with your tea? If you don’t please try. It is bliss!

14 thoughts on “Small Pleasures.”

  1. I find that if I dip biscuits in coffee (don’t care for much tea, very fussy) I eat far, far too many of them as they go down faster.

    I am very partial to shortbread.


    1. Your response triggered off memories of shortbread which I haven’t had in decades. I went online to find some and was successful. I have just ordered for some. I may blog about it after tasting the current offering!

  2. So nice to read. My first cup of tea in the morning is accompanied by two or three “Parle -g” biscuits. Small wonderful pleasures !

  3. I love to dip in tea or coffee, however I can eat too many goodies that way, so I try not to…I have never heard of Parle G Biscuits. I looked them up on Amazon and they are a little pricey!

  4. My dear Ramana, only a couple of days ago I was thinking about customs and manners. What is considered ok in one culture not so much in another. So, I am afraid I don’t dunk biscuits. Otherwise I’d hear my father’s voice ringing in my ears.

    As to the Japanese (your previous post): Let’s just say the fewer I run into the better. They freak me out. On one hand they are more polite than necessary; on the other they are inscrutable. To put it another way: If someone told me that the Japanese are fake I’d believe it.


    1. I have just learnt two things more about you and neither somehow surprises me. Was the dipping not allowed in your household or is it a German cultural no no?

  5. I quite like to dip plain biscuits in a hot drink but I try not to eat biscuits so it’s not often. The one thing I couldn’t resist would be gingernuts in coffee.
    Enjoy your afternoon tea and biscuit, there are many worse things you could be doing 🙂

  6. I’ve never dunked biscuits in my tea. Surely they go all soggy and inedible? I prefer my biscuits au naturelle – especially chocolate digestives. How could tea possibly improve the flavour?

    1. The trick is in not dunking them for too long. A quick dip softens them and biting is easier. The end piece offers the grand finale of a crisp bit.

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