Small Pleasures.

After a dry spell of three days, the monsoon revived again this afternoon and I got up from my siesta to petrichor. Sitting in our verandah and watching the rain fall in our garden is one of my favourite pastimes and I indulged in it till the showers lasted.

Last year I was in better physical condition than I am now in and I was able to make short visits outside our home and I had gone to a reunion of ex colleagues at Lonavala during the rains. Till a few years earlier, every monsoon I used to go to Mahabaleshwar at least once during each monsoon but, all those are now distant memories.

I am at least mobile enough inside the home to be able to enjoy such a small pleasure that I am grateful enough to appreciate such small pleasures like petrichor and rain watching.

I am also very grateful that I am blessed with two young people in my life who pamper me.  My pedicurist is closed due to the lockdown and since I cannot bend down to clip my own toe nails, my son Ranjan obliged. AND my daughter in love sneaked up from behind me and took this photograph to save the moment for posterity.

13 thoughts on “Small Pleasures.”

  1. A great shot. But I am so curious as to what all these bolts of fabric are doing in front of you? Unfinished projects? Decor?

    Inquiring minds need to know. I’m with you on the small stuff. Fog and birds today, Enchanting.


  2. In our new house we now have a covered porch where we can sit and watch the rain. We had. Big storm yesterday and we enjoyed it so much. I am glad you could do the same.

  3. that first paragraph says it all for me. what a wonderful afternoon of rain! it NEVER FAILS to make me feel joyful!
    although we have been much longer than 3 days without blessed rain. hopefully we’ll get some soon one of these days.
    I would be right there too… on the verandah enjoying every splash and every drop! thank you for introducing me to petrichor! I’ve always loved that scent and never knew what it was called. with the giant pine tree now right by my door I’m thinking I will especially love the petrichor when it rains again. and my front porch is covered so I will sit outside and listen and smell and LOVE IT!
    and speaking of… I love the curtains that Manjiree made. the colors and the light material that catches the breezes no doubt. beautiful.

    I can’t think about your not being well or able. I don’t want to anyway. you are Sean. and your gifts are many! and that is all I want to know. xoxo

    1. Thank you Tammy. I am not unwell in the normal understanding of that term. I have issues that I have to live with and among them are an inability to bend down due to my two hip joints having been replaced and revised. My pot belly does not help either! I am otherwise quite active and mobile inside the house within limits due to my COPD. These are the only two issues that trouble me.

      1. Having a devoted son is a fortune. That’s our bonus as parents in old age. What’s else ?
        I hope when in my old age I also want to get the moment like you 😉

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