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IMHO d gr8st invention of man is :-) and

Translated that will read, In My Humble Opinion the greatest invention of man is the insertion of a colon dash and close bracket sign (In this WP program that automatically translates it to a grinning face!) and the smiley graphic.

I can write anything I want and convey that I am just joking, or that I am not serious, or just being funny, by inserting either of those two signs. Neat, very neat. One does not have to go to convoluted linguistic gymnastics to convey humour as the intent in written communication. Now, the ubiquitous cell phone has smileys as part of the text that you can insert in a text message to make it even easier.

I wish that I had had these when I wrote all those love letters in my youth. I could have written more effectively in quantity in the same aerogram envelope or post card, and used less flowery language. And now that I have these in my life, I don’t have anyone to write love letters to :-)

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