So What If You Aren’t Shahrukh, You Can Still Be An Ass!


Indians are obsessed with fairness.  And like all generalisations, this one too finds its echo in the North South divide of the country with the Northern citizens considering all South of the Vindyas citizens as dark and somehow to be inferior.  Not where one is fair or unfair, but where one is lighter in complexion.  It used to be a feminine thing with matrimonial advertisements either proclaiming the fairness of the bride to be seeking a groom or the groom to be specifying his preference for a fair damsel.  But now it has become a Unisex thing with India’s top film star Shah Rukh Khan plugging for a miracle cream for men to enhance the man’s fairness.

I have personally never bothered about either worrying about my complexion or the complexion of the lady of current interest. I am what the Northerner will call dark and so was my late wife. That did not stop us from having a grand life together and I know a lot of others too in similar situations as well as one dark and one fair combinations, who too have had normal lives.

So, it does grate me to see both girls and boys trying to change what is normal and I have often expressed my reservation about these whiteners in private to whoever will listen.

So, when in a peculiarly local situation I had to intervene in a matter concerning a youth’s obsession and complex I was looking for an article that I had read many years ago, and as it often happens to me, I found a reference to it in a periodical today which has come in very handy. And, what a title!

16 thoughts on “So What If You Aren’t Shahrukh, You Can Still Be An Ass!”

  1. I am glad your blog is back in order. Being quite susceptible to sun, I had never heard of this. Just incredible.

  2. how ironic!
    here people either bake out in the sun despite the melanoma warnings or they bake themselves brown in those tanning booths that are just as lethal. all to avoid being white!!! LOLOL.
    just goes to show. beauty is in perception. a few hundred years ago women wore white gloves everywhere and wouldn’t be caught dead having a “tan”. it meant you were a field hand and not a lady.
    good grief. people are weird aren’t they?
    and I”M SO GLAD you’re back!!! I miss you when it’s down!
    tammy j recently posted..the poem

  3. Welcome to a truly capitalistic society. Everything is up for sale – including the most natural thing we all have – ourselves. Everything is a market and there is a marketeer and a salesman ready, willing and able to tell you about and sell you on the latest, greatest doo dah to improve your life – ie make you who/what you think you should be – rather than what you are. It’s the little nugget about capitalism nobody wants to talk about. Caveat emptor. Or at least be smart. Learn the difference between what you need and what you want.
    shackman recently posted..Sleep

    1. Shackman, the beauty business in my opinion is the biggest rip off business in the world. And it is true in all societies. It is amazing to see to what extent women and now increasingly men are willing to spend in terms of money and time to conform to what the business suggests to be good looking.

  4. Hi Rummy,

    I don’t give a jot whether one is dark-skinned or fair-skinned: I’m more interested in a person’s character and intellect. Having all sorts of individuals in my family (black, white, Indian, mulatto, middle Eastern etc), I feel blessed with beauty and diversity.

    Those whitening creams are an assault to people’s dignity.

    Max Coutinho recently posted..Turkey: The Gates of Hell

  5. Well, if people want to change their skin colour, that’s their business, but they’re probably taking a big risk with toxic chemicals whose long-term effects are unknown.
    nick recently posted..Birthday bash

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