Social Media And Memory Triggers.

Facebook reminded me and my family of an outing six years ago about which I had blogged here. Naturally, all of us are reminded of that day when Chutki was a pup recovering from the fractures in her hind legs.

Today, Chutki is a big girl and does not need that kind of looking after but, the hind legs are giving her trouble and she spends most of her time simply lying around either on her favourite perch the divan in the drawing room or close to wherever one of us is at any time. The presence of Koko sometimes excites her but, mostly annoys her as Koko is still a pup and very playful and frisky.

This is the latest photograph of Chutki on her favourite perch.

And here is one with both of them.

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    1. The divan or Chutki? If it is the divan, there is a history behind that. It was among the first pieces of furniture that we bought after our marriage and came to us third hand almost half a century ago. The mattress, bolsters and throw about cushions have seen many changes.

  1. oh those two little sweet hearts.
    I’m so glad they share your safe and beautiful home full of love.
    give them a hug for me. xo

  2. I like dogs, I like cats, I like you, I like most living things (bar mosquitos), even the inanimate I often have cause to admire – alas my missing gene can never get that excited about (other people’s) dogs. So, unlike your previous commentators, I will not gush. Credit where it’s due, so well done, Chutki, for having captured Ramana’s heart.

    However, I did click on that link of yours – if nothing else out of curiosity how, should I have left a comment all those years ago (I didn’t), I might have offended on even such a harmless subject. Yes, so having gone to the comment section I was reminded of Grannymar. I know I shouldn’t laugh but such is, according to the Angel, my warped humour I can’t help doing just that [laughing] as I type. Not least when reminded of her stern features, her pursed lips, her wagging finger. How did she say of me to others, and I paraphrase to make it sound more charitable than was her intention: “The loudest noise makes a lot of clutter”.

    Anyway, upshot being: How is Grannymar these days? I see she hasn’t blogged since 2015. If you are still in contact with her, and I trust you are, please do give her my best regards. No sarcasm; I mean it. I hope she is in good health, that wagging finger has softened as indeed her heart (unlikely). Some people are cast in stone. Not to be softened. Not even by the drip drip drip of time and experience, not to mention my charms. Come to think of it, only yesterday did I extol the virtue of the very first saying I came across when I set foot on these isles, one of British finest: “Giving someone the benefit of the doubt”. Alas, being charitable isn’t given to all of us.


  3. those pups found themselves in a loving home, and the divan looks like a great place to snooze

    yes f/b coughs up some interesting memories, some which I share at the time – other times just for me. many of them are “art pieces” some of which no longer exist
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Unfinished old garages…

  4. I was not so particularly interested in dogs in my earlier years of my childhood but my liking for dogs increased after I met my cousin’s Golden Retriever “Obi” I still remember the way he introduced me to Obi the first time we met him. He sat me down on one of his big armchairs at his house and called Obi to come firward and told him ” This is Aneesh”. I can’t forget the way Obi came and pounced on me and gave me such a big hug. At first I was scared but I understood he was just getting acqainted to me. After this experience whatever fear or hesitation I used to have regarding dogs just vanished. Today I truly believe that dogs are really ” Man’s Best Friend “. And that they only need to be loved and in return they give you unconditional love.

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