Something New To Be Paranoid About.

Sit down comfortably, switch off all distracting noises and read this article in the Atlantic.

I am particularly fascinated by this scenario – “…….but imagine the damage an attack targeting the CEOs of a number of Fortune 500 companies could do to the world economy.” My brain thinks that this may result in some very good things happening to the world! Collateral benefits?

Otherwise scary is it not?

12 thoughts on “Something New To Be Paranoid About.”

  1. Take out the CEOs of the top 500 companies and you’d lose 50 or so excellent managers a 450 or so greedy bastards IMHO. Companies are layered so the real work is done by many people although some companies would take a PR hit by losing their corporate “faces”. Businesses that size have lives of their own far beyond a CEO.
    shackman recently posted..Rains

  2. i’m not smart enough to even comment on this.
    i am all for change and future growth. but for the most part i think the world is moving in scary stupid directions fueled by men’s (and women’s no doubt) colossal egos. dear god. what a convoluted mess we have made of nature and each other. enough.

    1. Frankly nor am I. I am however smart enough to understand that some serious problems can be faced by all of us in the future with technology intruding into all aspects of our lives.

    1. Looney, in my time they were called over heads! Now you can interpret that description in any number of ways and I love to call CEOs that. I was one I should know!

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