Somethings Are Not Genetic.

I have no hesitation in accepting that I am a neatnik. I think that it is a virtue.

I use a desk top computer for my blogging, email etc. This involves the use of many cables running behind the screen where the Mac Mini is kept to which they are connected as well as power cables all coiled up.

I decided that I had to do something about this mess and asked Uncle Google for help who suggested that I use a cable organiser.

I promptly ordered for this and have now a neat looking table at the back of the screen.

In organising the cables, I had to take the help of my resident geek, my son and heir, who was cheerfully scornful of the whole exercise.

The organiser package came as a set of two and I offered the spare one to him for his desktop computer and he said that thankfully he has not inherited my OCD!

I suspect that he was referring to my post on a couple of his obsessions!

10 thoughts on “Somethings Are Not Genetic.”

  1. Oddly enough, I have a neatnik aspect to me which only applies to some things. Like the kitchen, hooks, etc, place for everything. My office is full of papers and files which are not neatened up at all. But my knitting corner is perfect. I simply don’t understand myself.


  2. As long as I can easily find the things I need and don’t spend my time frantically searching for something, I’m happy. I’m not at all a neatnik, I’m far too lazy for that!

  3. I wish I was a bit more OCD although recently I started folding up my clothes – often even when I change into my walk/out clothes – and when I come back reverse back into the indoor clothes. Why different clothes and for that matter footwear – I want to look a little more less dishevelled when I’m out.
    I wonder when you will see Ranjan with ordered cables in the extra tube organiser 🙂
    Catherine recently posted..Concertina x 2

  4. Ranjan has time to become more like you and he will!

    i have none of my mother’s orderliness. I need more of it and she needs less

  5. That sounds wise to me to organize all those cords. Maybe I’ll look into it. I tend to be neat about somethings and not so much about others. I have become less so since keeping on top of everything has become more challenging at times and hard to catch up.

    1. It is difficult for me too and I have to take the children’s help when I find things too difficult for my to do on my own. I can sense their chagrin when I do though!

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