Somethings, Thank God, Never Change.

My young friend Sandeep, who is a regular reader, encourager (David, is that correct English?) and commentator of my posts has sent me a link to an article in the Time Magazine.

No Mumbaikar, that is what blue blooded Bombay wallahs like to be called, worth his name, would deny that the restaurant reviewed in the article deserves Heritage status.

I was introduced to the Britannia Restaurant, by my uncle PK, my father’s younger brother, who for many of us in the family, epitomized everything good about Mumbai and uncles. This was way back in 1967. After that, I must have made that special effort to visit this wonderful restaurant many times and reading about it now, has made me very nostalgic.

The Parsi community briefly covered in the article, is another institution of Mumbai and India for that matter, about which enough can never be said. They are God’s gift to India for being such wonderful people with their cuisine, hospitality, amiability, sense of humour, culture and warmth. Many of the readers of this blog will recognize the name of Zubin Mehta, who is a Parsi, and now of course Ratan Tata another Parsi icon who has launched the world’s cheapest car ever.

It is so nice to know that the younger generations of Mumbaikars are in agreement with us oldies about the Britannia Restaurant.

Thank you Sandeep.

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