Son And Grandson.

Casanova-001“The eighteenth-century Venetian Giacomo Casanova is legendary even today for endless sexual adventures, including an affair with his own seventeen-year-old illegitimate daughter, which resulted in her giving birth to a boy who was both his son and his grandson.”

This piece of trivia that I came across reminded me of this gem from my youth which used to amuse me and my friends no end.

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  1. Stand by for slight humour by-pass, Ramana.

    Once upon a time we lived somewhere, briefly. Our neighbours’ daughters (roughly my age – about twelve) were ‘idiots’. As in “retarded”. My mother, never shy of naming things as they are: “That comes from inbreeding”. The girls’ parents were brother and sister.

    Ursula recently posted..Self

    1. This is a serious matter in these parts Ursula with marriage among first cousins quite common. We are seeing a move away from such marriages but it is precisely the class of people who should move away who do not and produce children who suffer.

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