Sparrows And Pigeons.

A friend sent this to me yesterday. It is a sparrow that is enjoying the bird bath kept outside her window and I immediately felt nostalgic for the time that we had sparrows and pigeons visiting our garden in the mornings. we used to strew bird seed on the flag stones in our garden and there would be a riot of these two variety of birds feeding there.
They happily shared the feed with squirrels as well.

Then suddenly they stopped. The bird feed strewn was left untouched and we wondered what had happened. The mystery was solved by our gardener who saw some alley cats prowling outside our garden.

Now the cats are regular visitors to our garden and verandah where they are fed cat food but the birds and squirrels have not returned

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  1. I think a predator and a Prey cannot co exist in same space. There is always an ekement of doubt in the mind of the prey and hence avoids the situationšŸ˜„

    1. So do I but, they do not alight in my garden and that is what I miss. They fly around and nest in the trees outside and make a racket in the mornings which is what normally wakes me up and I love the noise.

  2. aha, the “cat” on the prowl…

    I love listening to the birds around here, particularly when “not many cars were a driving around” but now here, early afternoon. I can hear birds, but also someone hammering – there are a number of residential building sites nearby (back at work now) – and I can hear vehicles, not overly loud but out there…
    And there is the very soft sound of a light breeze, coming in via a window and the streaming of some sun – this at the front of the house, the rear has mainly shadow. It’s the kind day, I would usually go out, but today (not sure when) property inspection and I do not like it to happen if I’m not here!
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Level 1 arrives this evening at 11.59pm..

    1. You have described what happens here too since the lockdown. Since we have started to lift some of the restrictions, the noise level of traffic is increasing but, nowhere near the old times. Our monsoon is set to arrive any time now and there is the pre-monsoon breeze which is bracing and pleasant.

  3. I love that little bird bathing video! the splashes and the sounds.
    and such is nature I guess… about the small beings that used to love eating on your terrace. I have to think maybe the cats needed the food you provide more than the birds did. still… it would be lovely if you could safely have both.
    can you imagine never being able to really RELAX and eat your meal without constantly being EATEN yourself!!!!

    1. I can imagine and that is why, I have decided to invest in a bird feeder/bath that will be on a high pedestal which will prevent the cats from harming the birds. I hope that it will work.

  4. That is too bad about the cat. I love seeing happy birds. We have a lot of birds here but they havenā€™t really taken to our feeders or birdbath or houses we set up… not sure why?

  5. Birds are very wary creatures. They fear something, most likely a cat that is lurking near. I love to hear and watch birds. Given the choice, I would choose them over cats anytime!

  6. There seems to be a lot more birdsong here than there used to be. It’s a great pleasure listening to it. Glad to report there are no scary alley cats on the prowl.

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