Due to timings of shows being very inconvenient, I was unable to see this film last week though I very much wanted to, having seen the trailer a couple of times.  Surprisingly for an English film, it was carried forward for a second week and my favourite theater which is just ten minutes driving time away showed it in the afternoon at a perfect time for me to have my siesta and then go for it.

I am glad that I did get to see it earlier this afternoon.  It is an action comedy theme and Melissa McCarthy almost single handedly keeps the viewers entertained fully with her remarkable dialogue deliveries and action.  While there is plenty of comedy, the blending of action with it makes it a very enjoyable experience.

While all the other actors do their bit professionally and deliver value for money, Nargis Fakhri, a Pakistani/Czech lady delivers a remarkable performance as a baddie.  I was told to watch out for her performance particularly and I was not disappointed.  There are some scenes which look childish and which could have been edited out and for that reason I dock one star in my rating for the film.

Direction keeps the action moving and one glued to one’s seat throughout and the running time of two hours flash by before you know it is all over.  Another film where I did not mind the length of the film.

A thoroughly enjoyable outing and I give the film a [rating=5] rating.  If you can get to see it and you enjoy action comedy films, don’t miss it.


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