Start Telling All The Truth Now. Pakistan – Afghanistan War.

What a heading for a post!

Start Telling All the Truth Now

• Stop “bs-ing” the American people. Tell them what new draft US intelligence assessments say, provide the level of transparent and honest reporting that prepares them for the necessary level of sacrifice. Do not issue another vacuous Department of Defense report like that issued in the June. The December report should at least equal the level of similar reporting on Iraq. Prepare the nation for a long war; build up credibility and trust.”

Have you noticed something peculiar in life? I recently bought a new book written by one of India’s iconic businessmen. I am very impressed about it and the only reason that I have not blogged about it is because it is one hundred percent India-centric. I however want to give the book a lot of word of mouth publicity and I talk about it to any body who will listen. Amazingly enough, in about 80% of the time, the listener has either already heard about it or bought it. It seems to be the rage just now. When I mentioned this in passing to Ranjan, he said that when he bought his new car, a new model, he found that he kept coming across others with the same model everywhere.

Just like these two examples, I seem to keep running into the Indo/Pakistan/Afghanistan conudrum being written about a variety of people in very different publications.

The opening paragraph in bold letters of this post is not something that I have cooked up. This is from an American source. For my American, British and Australian readers, whose citizens are in Afghanistan, this is vital reading. This particular report was written in October 2008. I got reference to it from a report published on January 29, 2009. In the earlier report, the author clearly states, and I quote him – “We are running out of time. There will not be any single moment of crisis in the Afghan-Pakistan War, but we cannot afford to go through another year in which we fail to deploy key capabilities, giving the enemy the initiative. This is all too clear from recent CSIS reporting on the course of the war since 2005. This reporting is entitled “Losing The Afghan-Pakistan War? The Rising Threat,” and is available on the CSIS web site at: You can copy paste this in your browser and have a look. In the meanwhile, another exhaustive study, which is even more alarming has been presented in another pdf file which you can read by clicking here.

Dear readers, particularly my American ones, you have access to your Congressmen and Senators and other influencers of policy. Almost all of you also have your own blogs.

What I have written above comes to inform you of what is perhaps not given wide enough publicity in the USA, despite the source being a highly reputed American foundation. That being the case, other countries with their men in Afghanistan, would have had even less access to these alarming findings.

My interest in the matter is known to all of you. I dread the prospect of Pakistan imploding. The ramifications for India are too serious not to take whatever action as an Indian that I must take.

Please spend the time it will take to study the links in detail. You will understand my anxiety and I hope that you will realize the seriousness of the situation.

If we do not take concerted action, which may well include action from India in some kind of cooperative venture, it may be too late for the world as we know it to be now.

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