Stephen Hawking’s Sell By Date For Humanity

I did not have a clue as to what this topic was all about and googled for it to find this as heading and subheading in the British Newspaper Mail Online.

Stephen Hawking warns humanity has just 200 years to escape Earth and says Donald Trump has taken ‘the most serious, and wrong, decision on climate change this world has seen’

  • Professor Hawking believes life on Earth is at high risk of being wiped out
  • Future generations must forge a new life in space if we want to survive
  • Accused Donald Trump of taking ‘the most serious, and wrong, decision on climate      change this world has seen.  

My  first reaction was that I won’t be around, so why bother about the matter. On further reflection, I thought that my son, daughter in love, friends all known family members and my dog, will not be around either, so, all the more reason why I should not bother.

Nothing that I can come up with to change that perception. My readers with other points of view are most welcome to leave their take in the comments column. I suspect that as a rare instance, Shackman and I will be on different orbits on this subject.

Shackman has suggested this week’s topic. You can see what the other writers of the LBC have to say in their respective blogs.  Maria, Pravin, Ashok and Shackman.

19 thoughts on “Stephen Hawking’s Sell By Date For Humanity”

  1. It is all about climate change – does not matter if it is naturally occurring or we are causing it – it needs to be addressed for future generations.

  2. I am with you Ramana. I do care for humans in general, but in this case it seems a bit abstract and I do not have anyone in particular who at the time of the disaster would be around.
    I am saddened with negative decisions many countries make with regards to climate protection. Poland is one of them, but this is not a rich country. I am particularly upset about Australia presenting such an egoistic view and the US. Those counties should set and example for others.

  3. It’s a sobering thought. I respect and admire Stephen Hawking, so I won’t dismiss this with a shrug. Humanity is slow to learn its most important lessons, but I believe the biggest technological changes are still in the future, and there is yet some hope that technology will bring some answers to climate change.

  4. Greed for & money has brought us to where we are today. The majority of people bury their heads in the sand & ignore the corruption. When I think of the end of the world, I think of my future family via my grandchildren. It is for them that we should be doing all we can to preserve life on earth.

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