Stereophonic Assault.

My friend Mitch has a great sense of humour and is also a great fan of the peanuts cartoons. I thank him for this which came immediately after I had been exposed to a similar experience.  I had two sources of chatter and when my daughter Manjiree asked how I was feeling when I came home, I said “Recovering from a stereophonic assault!” Please click on the cartoon to get a larger resolution.


And if you too have suffered recently such an experience, you can learn to sing just as I hope that Mitch will too who plaintively asks -“Who amongst us hasn’t allowed this to happen?”

16 thoughts on “Stereophonic Assault.”

  1. I know a couple of people like Lucy — You can’t get a word in and you try not to be rude, but finally have to tell them, “Nice seeing you, but I gotta go…” Both of them are people that I used to work with and sometimes come across when I’m in town shopping.
    Mike recently posted..Old School

  2. Thumbs up! Great comic.

    I agree with Lucy, and with Mike, we listeners have to take responsibility and learn to politely disengage ourselves. It took me a long time to figure out how to do that. And, as I’ve said, I love blogging because it gives me a chance to talk too. 😉
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Reframing

  3. It all depends on how much we care about the “talker” doesn’t it? We used to have a friend who talked late into the night. My husband, her husband, and I used to take turns sitting up and listening while the others dozed. Sigh…
    Mother recently posted..Expectations

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