Stereophonic Assault.

My friend Mitch has a great sense of humour and is also a great fan of the peanuts cartoons. I thank him for this which came immediately after I had been exposed to a similar experience.  I had two sources of chatter and when my daughter Manjiree asked how I was feeling when I came home, I said “Recovering from a stereophonic assault!” Please click on the cartoon to get a larger resolution.


And if you too have suffered recently such an experience, you can learn to sing just as I hope that Mitch will too who plaintively asks -“Who amongst us hasn’t allowed this to happen?”

16 thoughts on “Stereophonic Assault.”

  1. I know a couple of people like Lucy — You can’t get a word in and you try not to be rude, but finally have to tell them, “Nice seeing you, but I gotta go…” Both of them are people that I used to work with and sometimes come across when I’m in town shopping.
    Mike recently posted..Old School

    1. I bet that all of us know one or more such people. And the surprising aspect of this phenomenon is that someone like Lucy is also likely to be at the receiving end at times!

  2. Thumbs up! Great comic.

    I agree with Lucy, and with Mike, we listeners have to take responsibility and learn to politely disengage ourselves. It took me a long time to figure out how to do that. And, as I’ve said, I love blogging because it gives me a chance to talk too. 😉
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Reframing

  3. It all depends on how much we care about the “talker” doesn’t it? We used to have a friend who talked late into the night. My husband, her husband, and I used to take turns sitting up and listening while the others dozed. Sigh…
    Mother recently posted..Expectations

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