My young friend Pravin who comments on my posts on and off, but who is in touch with me on facebook and over the phone besides visiting me when he can, has been after me to write an autobiography camouflaged as a novel. When I advised him that I am too lazy to do anything like that, he claims to be devastated. After all I had told him a long time ago that there is a novel waiting to be written by me at the back of my mind.

Oddly enough, last week when I was with my cousin in Vashi, we were exchanging some strange cases of relationships and people and he too suggested that I write about the many stories that I know camouflaging names and places.

On particularly interesting case is of a much younger friend, in a large metropolis of India, whose story is bizarre to say the least. While I was talking to him on the phone this morning, I asked him if it would bother him if I wrote about him hiding his identity and he promptly said that it is a great idea and that he would not mind at all as long as his identity is protected. He further suggested that I use the blog to write a series of stories rather than sit to write a novel as a way of escaping the drudgery of writing a novel and that I could always compile the whole lot after I am through in a book form later.

In the meanwhile, Pravin again suggested that I should explore the idea of writing and using blurb to make it easier.

This post is to ask my regular readers if I should start a series of real life stories on interesting people and situtations that I have encountered over an eventful life. Feel free to be as frank as you want to be. I don’t have to take your advise!

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