My young friend Pravin who comments on my posts on and off, but who is in touch with me on facebook and over the phone besides visiting me when he can, has been after me to write an autobiography camouflaged as a novel. When I advised him that I am too lazy to do anything like that, he claims to be devastated. After all I had told him a long time ago that there is a novel waiting to be written by me at the back of my mind.

Oddly enough, last week when I was with my cousin in Vashi, we were exchanging some strange cases of relationships and people and he too suggested that I write about the many stories that I know camouflaging names and places.

On particularly interesting case is of a much younger friend, in a large metropolis of India, whose story is bizarre to say the least. While I was talking to him on the phone this morning, I asked him if it would bother him if I wrote about him hiding his identity and he promptly said that it is a great idea and that he would not mind at all as long as his identity is protected. He further suggested that I use the blog to write a series of stories rather than sit to write a novel as a way of escaping the drudgery of writing a novel and that I could always compile the whole lot after I am through in a book form later.

In the meanwhile, Pravin again suggested that I should explore the idea of writing and using blurb to make it easier.

This post is to ask my regular readers if I should start a series of real life stories on interesting people and situtations that I have encountered over an eventful life. Feel free to be as frank as you want to be. I don’t have to take your advise!

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  1. As Chuck commented on my blog yesterday: Life is a story – or a collection of them bound together with our blood, sweat and tears. You are a link to the past for the gran nieces and nephews. Write it down, for them if not for your self. The world you grew up in is a very different place to their world.

    Take for example… passing a message in the days before modern technology: How you made contact with Barath when he first moved to England. There is a story in that journey alone. The tales your grandparents told you about their lives.. An blog post a week, would give you 52 stories at the end of a year!
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  2. πŸ˜€
    There I am up above in the blog!
    Wheher you take my request (its not advise) or not, I would keep on asking you for a novel. You know I always asked you questions on real life situations and you guided me. Thats what I thought you are writing. Say a guy or couple of guys asking an elderly “sage” (e.g. you) for advise. How does that sound?
    Now, I was saying I wont advise – I gave you whole plot of the novel. Thats how naive I can be πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  3. Personally I think a novel is more than a collection of stories strung loosely together and my expectations when reading a novel are such that after it became clear the book was not a true novel it’d be cast aside. As I don’t generally read story collections it isn’t likely that I’d ever pick it up again. Now if this could somehow be turned into a narrative whereby or hero – RR of Pune India – encounters strange and wonderful characters on his journies through life and his interactions with said characters enlighten and entertain – now that’s something I’d enjoy as I find our hero – RR of Pune India to be a fascinating character himself. He’s as spiritual as anyone I have eever encountered, more philosophical than Socrates, more Western than I while being entirely, 100% Indian.
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    1. You will make the impossible happen Shackman, make a brown Indian blush! So many superlative adjectives, I am levitating.

      The first story, all going well will appear tomorrow. It will be the bizarre one,

  4. FRANK, Ramana? As we both know to my utter pleasure, and the displeasure of many, ‘frank’ I am. And sceptical.

    Yes, they say there is a novel in all of us. Maybe. I doubt it. It’s one thing to share our lives, thoughts, experiences, anecdotes, say in the form of a blog or a journal or when talking to a friend. When writing for a market content AND style have got to go together. And, I am sorry for all aspiring writers who can’t wait to see themselves in print (you are NOT one of them). It’s almost as if they have to validate themselves and their existence by seeing their name on a dust cover. Why do so many not realize that the infamous ‘slush pile’ gathering dust in an editor’s office is there for a reason? Yes, we are made of words – and, personally, I will LISTEN to anything – in real time. Most definitely. My patience is infinite. As Is my curiosity. My ears open till they drop. Will I READ everything that comes my way? Most definitely not.

    Another question, and it is a serious one: Why do so many aspire to make an appearance in actual print? Why do so many people not recognize that the times when Tolstoy penned his tome are over? As anyone who has ever attempted (reading) Proust’s “Lost time” will confirm.

    Let’s not take the innocence and the pleasure out of the instant communication now open to all of us. I have been following your anecdotes and observations, indeed that of most of your readers, for years. With interest, joy and loyally.

    My guess is, Ramana that, yes, those who encourage you to put it all into bound form mean well. After all, what is a compliment if not delivered in flattery? And I am sure they are all sincere. However, sometimes the joy of something (in your case blogging, commenting and whichever other forms of communicating with others you employ) can become a ‘chore’ when urged to compress it into something ‘publishable’. You are my elder so who am I? Yet, I’d say, Ramana, you are also at an age where you want to do things just for fun. Not turning it into yet another obligation, another expectation by others of you.

    There, you have it. May the flying of bricks of those who disagree begin.

    Far be it from me to take wind out of anyone’s sail. But there is no point, Ramana, pushing the boat out when you may as well sit contentedly in your harbour.

    Looking forward to many more of your ‘stories’, observations and thoughts,

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    1. Only you Ursula can puncture my ego so nicely. Thank you.

      Yes, sitting in my harbour in my boat and blogging is a nice way to start. The stories will be true encounters with real people to show the kind of things that happen to human beings.

      The first one will go live tomorrow.

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