Story 2. My First Kiss – Sequel.

The first installment of this story can be found here.

Sharada came over to the hotel in the evening and we spent a couple of hours catching up with all that had happened since our bus stop trysts. No, we did not talk about the first kiss.

My story is more or less well known to my readers, but Sharadas needs to be told.

After her passing the school leaving certificate, Sharada studied further for one year in Madras and then her father was transferred out of Madras. She continued her studies in the various towns where her father was posted and got her Masters degree in Economics from Delhi. Two months after her convocation, her father suffered a massive heart attack and died at Delhi.

As it is quite common, the department where her father had worked employed Sharada on compassionate grounds and she had been working with the same department since. Being the only child, she was looking after her mother and despite many suggestions, had decided to remain single to look after her mother and intended doing so for the foreseeable future.

We parted company after dinner and I wished her all the best and that was that.

Fate decided that we had to meet again and this happened a few years ago. I was flying to Bengaluru from Chennai and lo and behold I met Sharada again at the Chennai airport. She could not recognise me but I could recognise her. We updated each other with our stories but no sparks flew nor stars fell. Both of us were able to part in good humour.

Sharada’s mother died some 15 years after our meeting at Kanpur and Sharada took early retirement from her job to move to Bengaluru to be closer to her cousins and family. In Bengaluru she got involved with a nascent Art Of Living movement and was spending most of her time in their activities including teaching kriya yoga to new comers.

To the best of my knowledge, she continues to do that even now. I have had no contact with her since that meeting at the Chennai airport.

I have always wondered if Sharada ever kissed anyone else ever again.

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  1. “but no sparks flew nor stars fell” … what a beautiful way to say there was no longer chemistry. such an elusive thing.
    a poignant life somehow. one wonders if it would have been much different and a totally different sharada if her father hadn’t died.
    good story rummy. touching.
    tammyj recently posted..the french know

      1. Tammy and Grannymar, my mind works differently. I have no doubts whatsoever that she must have had toy boys in her life. My speculation has always been about what types!

    1. How mean, Grannymar. Feel now all sorry for Ramana. Also fail to come to your conclusion, Tammy, that Sharada’s father’s, indeed anyone’s, death prevented her from kissing anyone else. What do we know what motivates us. I once kissed a guy, someone I remember affectionately, who took me under his wings and good care of me (I was seventeen, he was a couple of years older – same school). His role in my life of tidying up short lived boyfriend mess and generally just being there. Like the older brother I don’t have would have done. One day we kissed – I still remember the glare of the doorway. It was lovely. Good kisser, a sweet, wonderful and gentle man. No doubt about it. We left it at that. Brother and sister don’t kiss. Great guy. Fantastic friend.

      Ursula recently posted..Bee in bonnet

      1. didn’t actually mean not kissing anyone else… but i’m thinking she might have had more of a life than just taking care of her mom… had her dad lived. but… que sera. maybe she used that as an excuse to not ‘get out there.’
        comfort zone and all. no one will ever know!
        tammyj recently posted..the french know

      1. GM and CM, that is a question that has occupied my thoughts too on many occasions. I know at least two other ladies who never did marry to take care of their parents, and both had a ball on the side and never missed a husband. Who knows, Sharada may well have had a toy boy or two tucked away somewhere. If she reads this, may be she will respond.

    1. I really do not know much Maxi, but many Indians, men too, decide to stay single to look after their parent/s. I know quite a few others of both sexes who have done so.

  2. Okay, this series is completely baffling me. Surely she’s kissed plenty of people since then?

    Incidentally, about a year ago, I found an email address for my first lover and wrote to him. We’d had no contact in 25 years. I wanted to let him know I was grateful for that brief time he had in my life. Not that I had any interest now, just acknowledging the find memory. He was happy to hear that and said he’d often wondered where my life had taken me.
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