Strange Behaviour.

While getting ready to visit my dentist earlier this afternoon and without being conscious of it took all the things that I normally carry on my person when going out kept in one particular drawer of my Chest Of Drawers.

Visit over, I came back home, unloaded all the stuff that I had taken and spent the rest of the evening with other pastimes till I took my cardigan off to get ready to go to bed.

It was then that I discovered that I had worn my wrist watch without being aware of having worn it in the first place and not having seen the time on it the whole time. I had used my mobile phone to check the time a number of times and if fact, even used the alarm in the phone to good effect to remind of medication time.

I had worn the wrist watch out of old habit but had not used it due to new habit of using the mobile phone!

14 thoughts on “Strange Behaviour.”

  1. The clasp on my wrist watch keeps coming undone so I don’t use it anymore. I intend to get a new one, but it’s taking a while to get round to it! Meanwhile I use my phone!
    I hope the dentist’s visit was ok.

  2. LOL.
    isn’t that the famous line given to the American General in the 2nd World War by the Nazi who told him to surrender?
    at least that’s how I thought it went.
    I think you’re in good company!

  3. Can’t count the years since I wore a watch. I’d venture 35. I developed a very good interior sense of time which has others in awe.
    But I am mad about clocks, not for time but for a kind of comfort.


  4. I have a long history of “broken wrist watches” and hence when a phone could give me the time, and later set an alarm that is where I have ended up. Of course at times I’ve wished for that simple stance of not having to fish my phone out of somewhere to see the time…
    My ex bought me a new watch every Christmas as always the one I had before was broke! I’ve no idea what I did to them, even after he took it to be his “job” to wind them, with words I was to not touch the knobs! When they became digital, the little knob thing would get caught in something, and bingo another broken watch. Let’s not talk about broken straps 🙂

    1. That is indeed strange and something that I am coming across for the first time. I have written a blog on the number of wrist watches that I have had in my life and none of them were broken. I keep learning new things about you all the time.

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