On the assumption that I will see it if it was released in India because Tom Hanks is in it, Tammy advised me that she would be interested in reading my views about Sully before she actually saw it. In my book, what Tammy wants Tammy gets and so off I went to see Sully earlier this afternoon at a “Luxury Recliner Lounge” as it is called, paying three times the normal price for the ticket, just to sit for an hour and a half to watch Tom Hanks in a movie. Tammy, I shall shortly be sending you a bill.

Straight off the cuff – Tammy don’t miss it. It is worth every minute of the 96 minutes that it runs. I had not known that it was produced and directed by Clint Eastwood. He and Tom Hanks together is a potent mix and I applaud both of them for producing a bio-pic that brings out the human element so well. There is nothing negative about the film that I can come up with and I have great pleasure in giving it a five out of five rating.

I don’t want to influence your viewing experience. Don’t miss it.

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