“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.”

~ George Santayana.

That reminds me.  I must go out and have some tender coconut water soon.

Historically throughout the month of April daytime temperatures will generally reach highs of around 37°C. At night the average minimum temperature drops down to around 20°C.

In recent times, not including this year, the highest recorded temperature in April has been 42°C that’s 108°F, with the lowest recorded temperature 11°C, about 51°F.

Normally the average daily relative humidity for April is around 38%.

This year, we are having a very unusual April with daytime temperatures around 30°C and minimums around 17°C.  Humidity has been lower too at around 36% despite having some showers, which too have been unusual.

Last year we were using our air conditioners or desert coolers quite regularly but this year we have not barring a couple of occasions during the afternoon siesta.

I don’t think that my friends Arun and Nirmala will have the missing husband problem this year around this time.  If however the normal summer reverts, they may well have a similar experience this year too, but much later than they had last year.




8 thoughts on “Summer.”

  1. It’s wonderful I can hear you, clear across the world. All about your weather right now. Our’s is 60 F. degrees highest & 36 F lowest at night.

    LOLOL! i guess i would be banished by nirmala too because i laughed as well! and rascal’s face. those eyes. and to think he caused his mistress such panic. little bed hog!
    we’re having more rain tomorrow. WE HOPE. so far our weather has been really lovely. but 108! oh my. and i thought our 104 was bad.
    just goes to show. somebody else somewhere always has it worse! 😀
    tammy j recently posted..who me? tea?

    1. All the best. My summers here last just about a couple of months at the outside. And because of the low humidity, it is not tiring or debilitating. I love to be here compared to Chennai where maximum number of my family members live.

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