Besides these two, I also have Email, Uncle Google,  two Resident Geeks and Kindle to get through my days.

Oddly enough, because I am better versed in handling these modern supports, I am the support and go-to person, for some friends who are not as blessed as I am, with Resident Geeks.

There are some who use me to fact check ‘forwards’ received by them. This is usually a terse “True?” either followed or preceded by the forward message, usually controversial or out of the ordinary. I inevitably oblige and find out the veracity about the message as if untrue, further forwarding can land people in trouble.

There are others who use me as their online buying agent, usually for books after some online research as well but, on the odd occasion, for other things from say Amazon or other online merchants. I haven’t yet fixed an Agency Commission but, am seriously considering doing so.

And finally, there are a couple of friends who use me as the conduit for making donations as they do not want their identities to be known to the recipients lest they be harassed for further donations. I happily oblige and am now considered to be a serious donor for some very deserving causes.

So, my supports have enabled me to become a support for others.

What about you dear reader? Are you satisfied with just being supported or, are you a support too?

13 thoughts on “Support.”

  1. it’s a two way street for me

    the pandemic bought a younger friend into life with much support either picking up shopping oddments I couldn’t find online, getting my prescriptions, lopping branches which were hitting my bedroom window and more recently driving me to places. In return I’ve gifted her quite a few things, some more useful than others.

    most of support I gift to others are through finding things online that might appeal, giving out positivity to those who need it…

    but also deleting those who are “experts” because … well just because.

  2. So good if you to become a helping hand to those needy
    And beyond praising or mere appreciation , the donation part. Just great, without inhibitions , the very true what you are made up of
    Congratulations, Thank you for the services to fellow beings in both ways, Regards-Sasi

    1. Sasi, I am delighted to see you commenting here. Thank you. Incidentally, I am sure that you will find it amusing as one of the donors wants to use me as a conduit as he does not want his better half to know about his generosity!

  3. Well done Ramana, that’s a lovely thing to do. I’m quite savvy with some technology – buying online, emails, using various apps, but my family help with anything too technical.

  4. I don’t need any support right now but if online technology gets any more complicated I may have to run screaming to the nearest IT nerd for help.

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