Susan Squire, Author And Person Of Her Word.

I take my readers to my post ‘Matrimonial Commitments’ of October.

If you go down the post to the comments, you will see a very clear comment from Susan Squire, the author of the book on which I had based my post.

After the exchange of comments, Susan and I exchanged some emails in one of which she promised, perhaps in a humorous way, that if indeed I bought the book, instead of borrowing it from a library, she would send me free of cost, her earlier book ‘For Better for Worse’. Keeping the spirit alive, I sent her proof of my having bought the book and lo and behold, today, I received by courier, her gift – an autographed copy of the book.

I also take you to my later post ‘Ground Zero Mentality’ in which, Jerry Davich quoted me as “”Earlier this year, he tried explaining to me how our long-distance relationship, despite such geographical and cultural distances, is for “a purpose which will unfold eventually.”

I have no doubts whatsoever in my mind that Susan’s gesture, and my using this post to publicly express my gratitude as well as my appreciation for her keeping her word, and the long distance relationship that has become possible due to the blogworld between the two of us too, will be for a purpose which will unfold eventually.

What do you think?

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