Synchronicity, The Ring, The Ring Bearer And The Betrothal.

Regular readers of my blog posts and the comments on them will recollect the side show that is going on about an engagement ring, the ring bearer and the perilous state of the betrothal itself.

It is all in fun and I thoroughly enjoy the banter, as I hope the other protagonists in the story do too. Yes, fortunately, all three role players are indeed protagonists. This story is very like many situations today in the real world, as opposed to the blog world, where all are Generals and there are no soldiers.

One of the protagonists, Ursula, is usually bemused with my preoccupation with Synchronicity about which I wrote a post as part of our LBC Friday blogging efforts on May 27, 2011.

This post and this link is dedicated to Ursula. Take a look at the dateline in the article. Though it is dated May 27, I read it at 0715 hrs on the 28th inst. Indian Standard Time.

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