Table Manners.

eating_rice_with_fingersMy lessons on table manners started when I was eight years old. I was gently but very firmly taught by my Theosophist aunt how to eat with my fingers without getting the palms soiled with food. I am serious. Here is a picture of someone trying to eat rice and curry off a plantain leaf using fingers. Try doing the same even from off a plate and see what agility you need to manage not getting the food on your palms, yet transport the stuff to your mouth and still feed yourself enough to enjoy a post lunch siesta.

What with that kind of training, when I was taught by some other less gentle souls to eat with my mouth closed and graduating to using forks, knives and spoons, were all cake walks.

tandoori chicken
That is a plate of Tandoori chicken. Can you imagine eating that with a fork and knife and enjoying the experience? Will it not be better to do it this way?

obama-eatingOr for that summer enjoyment, how can one enjoy eating mangoes without making a mess of one’s hands and face?

mango eatingFor all my readers who by now must be wondering what prompted me to write about this subject, let me not keep you in suspense.  This is what did it.

And dear reader, synchronicity strikes again.  I wrote this and kept it in draft form to return to it for editing.  I then went on my routine visits to other blogs and this one from Looney hit me hard. “The pig is an animal that eats anything and swallows with minimum chewing.  Elsewhere in the Bible, we see that this is a type of person who has no judgment, accepts ideas indiscriminately and his thinking becomes unclean.  The cow, however, is picky about what it eats and takes his time to chew, which symbolizes the pondering of a decent person on good lessons.”

So, simply stated, it all boils down to the narrowing of choices between eating like a pig or a cow.

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