The Jury System.

In my post reviewing the Hindi film Rustom, I had mentioned “Incidentally, the jury system was abolished in India after this case wound up.”

Reading that a friend of mine had suggested that I read The Humanity Of Justice by Burke Strunsky to understand the jury system in the USA. While reading the book, I came across a lead to the film 12 Angry Men which brings out the role of the American Jury system so well which is elaborated in the book.

While I could not immediately get a DVD of the film, on investigating, I found that I could see a play on youtube. I saw it earlier this evening and I was zapped and I could well understand that the film must have been more powerful.

Reading the book and seeing the play, I have come to the conclusion that we in India have gravely erred giving up the jury system. I wish that we could go back to it but it is a pipe dream.

I give below the link to the play and if you have not seen the film or the play, it would be worth your while to see it at your leisure.