Our 26/11 Anniversary.

Last year, after the Mumbai terrorism, I had written many posts and responded to comments and my regular readers will recollect the mention I had made of my friends and their son Kaizad. Kaizad was a budding chef in the Taj Hotel, and he was deliberately shot and killed by the scum. I reproduce the article interviewing Nawaz and Noshir that appeared in our local newspaper by a scanned copy as the article is not appearing in the eversion of the newspaper. By clicking on the image, you can enlarge the image to read better and you will also see the photograph of Kaizad the gentle giant.

My young friend Sandeep has written a poignant post in his blog about Mumbai and you can see my comments on it here.

The Times of India has published another very interesting article which is worth reading as is the article in the Independent.

Pakistan has indicted seven people in Pakistan for the roles played by them in the massacre but the key players still enjoy official protection and patronage. Pakistan is imploding everyday and I envisage major problems for Pakistanis, refugees from there who would like to come over to India and Indian Muslims who would like to help them, in the days to come. I hope that the Pakistani establishment would get a grip on its country, its economy, its development and its people to avoid becoming like Somalia.

Involvement Of Locals In The Mumbai Attacks Of 26/11

It is finally out in the open. As much as I would have liked not to write about it, the knives are finally out. The forthcoming elections for our parliament has brought the inconvenient truth out!

The first salvo was formally and officially fired by the wannabe next party to form the government, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) against the incumbent UPA (United Progressive Alliance).

There has been a massive cover up of local involvement in the carnage for political purposes by the Congress government of Maharashtra in which state the city of Mumbai is located. All for what is called vote bank politics, an euphemism for Muslim appeasement. Every child in Mumbai knows that there were locals involved and they were Muslims. Why this cannot be brought out in the open and handled like a democracy should, is beyond my understanding.

By trying to hide it, the UPA government has given Pakistan a handle to whip India with and also an opportunity to the BJP to whip up Hindu chauvinism.

I believe that the Indian Muslims are capable of handling the fact that there are elements from within that are part of the global terror network and that they do not form the mainstream. Why the Congress party and its so called secular allies cannot accept this simple fact is beyond my understanding.

Now the UPA will go on the back foot and the entire election process will become a farce.

Heavens help my country. It is despite such nincompoops that we have managed to survive reasonably successfully so far and I suppose will in the future too. Just imagine what we could have achieved if only they had been different!

The Mumbai Terrorism.

I am still in reaction to 26/11. It is however extremely difficult for me to write all that I feel as I may create more problems than India already has. I have therefore decided that I shall simply give three links and let others speak for me.

The BBC still calls them Militants!

Official Pakistan is in denial.

Indian leadership continues to be indifferent to urban public opinion.

In this scenario, there are some non Indian and sane voices that can be heard.

I just need to make one comment about our political and administrative leadership for my Indian readers. It occurs to me that no amount of public expression of outrage and disgust is likely to have any impact on our current leadership. All the urban population put together, does not make a difference to the quality of the politicians who matter. All of them get elected from rural India and some enter through the back door of the Rajya Sabha. If you look at the response from that point of view, many things fall into place.

Urban and informed Indians must look for other methods to get the leadership to listen to them.

Now for the three links.

Irfan Hussein writes in the Dawn of Karachi.

PIR ZUBAIR SHAH and GRAHAM BOWLEY write in the New York Times.

For the icing on the cake an editorial from the New York Times.