The First Time.

I read the book Life Of Pi in 2004 when Penguin India released it here. I actually read it twice to get the nuances right as others who had read it had different takes on the subject matter of the book. That Pondicheri, one of my favourite towns of the South of India featured in the book also made it imperative that I read it.

I had been wanting to see the picture Life Of Pi ever since I read this review in the Guardian and I finally did so last night.

I had never seen a film in 3D and it was a unique experience. I only wish that the theater had provide throw away use once glasses rather than the grubby ones made available which did not get cleaned to my entire satisfaction. It was nevertheless an experience that I will cherish.

Quite how I got to see the film is a story by itself. I had returned from my evening walk and was at the computer catching up with mail when my son Rajan’s friend Clio landed up. She wanted to see the film and asked me if I would like to go to it with her. What better way to do something that I had been wanting to do anyway? I readily agreed and since there was very little time left for the start of the film, we rushed to the theater where Cleo jumped off to buy the tickets expecting a full house due to it being a Saturday. I drove on to park the car in a multilevel car park adjacent to the theater and had to drive three floors above ground level to find a place to park and then had to walk quite some distance back to the foyer and then to the screening hall.

Nick, sorry to disappoint you, but during one evening’s adventures, three first times! A charming young lady asked me out on a date, I saw a 3D film and drove up and down in a multilevel parking structure without mishap.