The Lion Lady Strikes Again.

I visited my cousin Devi and her two delightful children Meena and Sundar last Saturday at Thane. Since Devi has been indisposed for some time, the youngsters had prepared a typical South Indian lunch for me which was out of this world and I indulged myself to some extra helpings over and above my normal quantities.

Be that as it may, Devi the proud mother that she is wanted me to see an article written by Meena in an Indian magazine called Frontline. Since she could not remember the name of the magazine, she asked Sundar to get me Afzal Guru. I was taken aback with that request but before I could comment, Sundar brought this for me.


In this magazine, Meena has written an article ‘Living With Lions’ which makes for fascinating reading.

My regular readers will remember me posting about Meena earlier about her BBC film and this article following that opened my eyes to what this young lady has been doing the past few years.

Naturally, her mother and brother are very proud of her as I am too, now that I have found out more about what she has accomplished in her chosen field which includes a PhD. I am sure that the lions must be very grateful for what she has done for their protection too.