Outsourcing To India.

Enough noise has been made about outsourcing computer related work to India, without my having to contribute anything more.

There is another very interesting outsourcing to India operation taking place without too much noise, and I want to share that with my readers. Without going into the rights or wrongs about it, I just want to share the information and leave it to my readers to draw their own conclusions.

This outsourcing is to rent a womb by non Indian parents, unable to naturally produce their own children. While the majority of such parents are from the USA, there have been Chinese, Arabs, Japanese and some European nationals too who take advantage of this flourishing business in India.

For the surrogate mothers, the financial incentives are enough to change their life styles completely. For most of them, the fees paid goes to build a home or to put their children to college and so on.

Here is one link to an article about it and another link to a website. Please do read the article fully to get a full picture of the phenomenon as well as views from an alien writer about it.

For a different flavour, you can read an Indian writer’s views published in the Christian Science Monitor.